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1 Click Video And Affiliate Titan Pro

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Hi ..Connie here with a demonstration of 1 Click Video which is part of Affiliate Titan Pro package.

– An easy to use interface

– Mp3 files of music to choose from, just click on the image to hear the sounds

– Also included are a large number of backgrounds

– For each slide enter text, video or images

– Step 3 gives you a chance to pick out which animations you want to use with your slide.

– You can change the background images in each slide along with the timing of each slide individually.

–  You can preview the animation

– This is the potential art you could use to promote “beards” as an example.

– A good tag to use in your video which would get engagement on Facebook.

– Also would get you engagement

– Encourage people to take action

– “Like Us” is another take action icon

– No voice over just tell people what to do or you could easily go back and do a voice over.

– Shows 3 different designs and gives information

– Finally we finish with free shipping worldwide

– Can save the project, open an old one or start a new project

– You can see how this video tells a story with images from beginning to end and is easy to understand.

– One of 4 tools included in Affiliate Titan Pro.

– Definitely check it out with the link below




This is an amazing video software tool to help you make video’s quickly and easily and I recommend it.

I know a lot of people, including myself, cringe at the thought of standing in front of a camera and doing a “talking head” style of video.  The good news is that there is no need to do this (unless of course you want to).  With 1 Click Video there is no need to do a talking head type video and you can use as much text, images or other videos as you want in your video creation.  So really there is no reason to let the fear of making a video hold you back anymore.




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You will get “insider tips on launching profit getting video products” in a step-by-step guide to help you make perfect videos now.

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