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So it's interesting cause
I do get this comment, people saying that "Oh you know," "like, Dan Lok came out of nowhere". I was doing an interview with Mark Joyner. Mark Joyner, he was, people
don't know Mark Joyner, but he was like the godfather
of internet marketing. He was the first, he came up
with the book, the term E-book. He was the guy who came up with it. He started the first tracking pixel, like tracking software online, right? The first E-book publishing
company online, ever. We would talk, you listen to it, Dan Lok's show, after a
few weeks I release it, we just talking about old story, and then Mark and I would
talk and we just laugh, cause a lot of these guys come
and go, come and go, right? And I said oh you're still around, and then he was like he's
around but he's saying, "Dan, but you are like on
a whole different level". He's just talking about that. Why I share that with you
is what I'm saying is, you cannot rely on one platform. The way I always see it,
because I've seen this, I'm way more conservative, meaning I have something that
works, my mind is already, it's gonna stop working any time. That's why I build the second thing. Most people don't think that far, right? Most if they have, "Oh I have," "I have a program that is selling well", I already think that's gonna be obsolete, I need something else, right? And then I have something else, I have something else that supports it. So I don't think about
this, I think about this. Remember, see what
teach us the bi-pyramid? The three percent? You only sell to the three percent, which is the most expensive
sale that you can get. Because those are the
ready-to-go buyers, right? Those are the most expensive. All the money is not made there, the money is in the middle part, right? So you need to nurture. I believe, at this point,
the best is YouTube, period. Because YouTube does all
the pre-selling for you. I don't like the Facebook free, for people who are not your students yet, because it gives them access too easily. When they get access too
easily, there's no value. Cause you're already
in the Facebook group. And they can engage, they can not engage, but I much prefer if they are
actually already students. I understand the theory of the Facebook where you nurture that relationship. But I would rather
nurture that relationship not with the one thousand,
I want to nurture relations with two billion people,
that's on YouTube. I'm not interested in just
nurturing one thousand. And I want to nurture
relationship in a way, at their own terms, not at mine. Meaning that they can consume
the content when they want, where they want, on
whatever device they want, however they want it. And I want that. I don't want it to be,
oh you on Facebook group, you know I'm talking about? Yeah, it's very linear, right? And I don't want it, nowadays
I don't want to do something just to sell something or
it has no residual value. I need to do one thing, and it can do this much stuff, right? Like I need to be answering
questions, I'm filming, I'm creating content, I'm doing YouTube, I'm doing Instagram. I want one move has ten effects, versus I do ten moves only
got fucking one effect. That doesn't make sense. So, that's what I would say. So I'm saying focus on also YouTube, as you delivering content, everything I've shared with you
in the last two days, right? What to do, how to do it, all of that. And then anyone that join your webinar, give them the YouTube video,
build the relationship there. Build your email list. And then for you as career
change, career shift, there are a lot of key words
you could target, right? So, goes back to the consumption theory : That's my theory, right? So ten K, they need ten hours. That's, that's, that's Now a webinar counts,
if it's like one hour, ninety minute that's cool. But you need them to consume your content, and that's something you need
to talk to your influencer, I'm teaching you, how you communicate
with influencer, right?

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